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Thread: bausch and lomb balvar scope

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    any one out there know anything about these scopes? mine needs cleaning on the inside. seems a bit foggy and tiny bits of debris seem to be floating around.small scratches and a rectangular halo in the scope. it sits in a kuharscy mount on top of a mark v 300 mag.

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    I have one that I just inherited that sits on a Stith mount that is very odd but interesting mechanically. I know the old chap that had this rifle, and it was NOT treated with kid gloves. Scope is still clear. Amazing. I know very little about how scopes work, but this one appears it could be disassembled for overhaul if one wanted to.

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    I don't know who repairs them but I had a Balvar 8 that was fogging up. I sent it to Bushnell to look at and they sent me a new bushnell scope in return at no charge. It wasn't appropriate for my 300 Wby but worked nicely on my .243 Winchester.

    Here is a link to a place in NY that seems to deal with alot of the B&L stuff. Maybe they could help.

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    The scope is at least nearly 50 years old, built before 1963 if without knobs. I would imagine that the Buna N rubber o-rings that they used then are long gone. Probably no nitrogen in the tube now. If you are going to send it to Bushnell, I would not take it apart, just thinking about any warranty.

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