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    I am pleased with the results, but what a job stripping the old factory Weatherby finish. But look what I found under that old gloss shell. Did 10 coats of hand rubbed Linseed Oil. Letting this dry before I do a wax finish. I love the look. Any feedback please. Griz
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    Griz, that is absolutely stunning! What a beautiful piece of walnut under that gloss finish. Very nice work!
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    Great job!

    What did you use to strip the factory finish?

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    I used Citrus Orange stripper. Looks of coats and lots of time. Be carful around the spacers on the grip cap. I also did a Ruger #1 stock with even a bigger surprise in the grain under the factory finish. Boiled Lind seed oil does a wonderful job. Hand rubbed with at least 10 coats.

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    It certainly is a lot of work, no doubt! Very nice work, and the wood looks great.......
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    Default Re: Stock refinished

    That is a beautiful piece of wood and very nice work!
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