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Thread: I think I have an early Mauser actioned Weatherby!

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    Default I think I have an early Mauser actioned Weatherby!

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ID:	7109Hello all, I’m mostly a military Mauser collector and came across a rifle which I initially thought to be a one off sporter. I went home and something stuck with me about the rifle based on how it looked. It looks very similar to the FN actioned Weatherbys I have seen, but certainly a far more “trim” rifle, the forend and wrist especially are much thinner than the FN actioned rifles and is of course a decent bit lighter too. In doing some research I learned that Roy built early rifles and customs on many action types that were customer supplied before the FN action contract started, in this case if validated, that would be on a Mauser Borsigwalde produced action in 1942/43. Based on many characteristics, stock style, the way the caliber designation is written, the bluing luster, safety usage, bolt bend, trigger used etc I believe it very well might be an early Weatherby. I am looking for opinions on this rifle by those who are far more familiar with them than I am. Guessing I am not going to be able to post pictures yet but I’ll give it a shot.
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    Default Re: I think I have an early Mauser actioned Weatherby!

    A few more pictures
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    Hi, and welcome!
    For sure it's a nice rifle in a good caliber. Seems like the steel based on the chamber markings are by Weatherby. As you stated it must be a very early rifle using a M98 action with the "german" stamping. Only thing that makes me unsure is the safety. When was the buehler safety invented and/or can it be just fitted to the gun later. The pistol grip cap smells Weatherby, but the rest of the work seems to be a toned down Weatherby stock. Hopefully someone here can give a more precise answer.

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    Default Re: I think I have an early Mauser actioned Weatherby!

    I'm far from being an expert on the topic but I would agree that it's an early rifle built by Wby as you say. The rifle could have been put together by almost any gunsmith but the fact that the barrel is stamped Wby indicates to me that it was probably a custom job on a customer supplied action as I doubt that Roy was selling barrels with his name on them.

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