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Thread: 300 weatherby magnum, Help please!

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    Default Re: 300 weatherby magnum, Help please!

    Quote Originally Posted by mark81253 View Post
    Unless you want to wear hearing protection while hunting then get the brake.The noise that comes from these things is utterly hideous. Now with that said, I have brakes on anything larger than the .300; i.e. .378, .338-378, .416 etc. I made the mistake of taking an animal with my .30-378 without hearing protection and my ears rang for WEEKS afterward. It really bonged my gong. So now I do not hunt anything with a brake unless I will have the opportunity to put my ear plugs in. OR remove the brake because all of mine are threaded on. I do not know what this does for accuracy because I have never tried.

    I would at least encourage you to try the .300 without a brake before you have one installed on the words of others. At least then you know that the decision you make is from your own experiences.

    Again- best of luck.
    Thanks to you Mark and the others that responded. All good advice and much appreciated!

    I know about the increased blast noise and Im considering that Weatherby 300 Mag with a brake and ear protection vs shooting my Weatherby 30-06 without a brake and giving up some velocity and PBR yardage. Saw a guy on FB who took moose with a Browning Bar 300 win mag at 65 yards and said that his friend took one with a 270 Winchester so maybe Im over thinking this. What do you use your 300 Weatherby for? Is it for increased bullet energy at impact or longer range shots? Or both? Im in Florida and its mostly small deer and pigs here. But Im thinking that id do some trips for larger game in the next year or two.

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    Default Re: 300 weatherby magnum, Help please!

    I saw a Magnaport Weatherby 300 with 26 in barrel-How much does that reduce recoil and decrease sound? Is it something to avoid ? I've heard that they are a bitch to clean

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    While I understand the role of brakes and the need for them in some situations, I don't have one on my 300Wby. I shoot that rifle a fair amount, and have never felt like it was punishing to do so. I do use a shoulder pad when I shoot at the range, which I started doing to imitate the thickness of my hunting clothing for scope/eye alignment, but found it to be a great benefit when shooting a lot of rounds. Bottom line is, if you get a 300Wby, shoot it before you have the brake installed. You might find it's not unpleasant to you.

    I'll also recommend getting a good recoil pad on the rifle, as I have a Rem rifle with a rubber pad which has hardened, and it's absolutely brutal to shoot.

    As for the 24 v. 26" barrel question, I hunt with the 26, in thick eastern woods, on a mountain deer lease. It's about as thick as can be, and I don't find the barrel to be any trouble. I'd rather have the 2" of velocity producing barrel than not.
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    Default Re: 300 weatherby magnum, Help please!

    Quote Originally Posted by bajakian View Post
    Thanks to you Mark and the others that responded. What do you use your 300 Weatherby for? Is it for increased bullet energy at impact or longer range shots? Or both? Im in Florida and its mostly small deer and pigs here. But Im thinking that id do some trips for larger game in the next year or two.
    To be as honest as I am able I have never hunted anything that couldn't be efficiently taken with the venerable .30-30 Winchester. Caribou are somewhat large animals that I believe you could take with a spit ball. They simply cannot take lead. A .300 Weatherby is vicious on them. Hogs can be tough critters but a well placed .25 caliber is well more than enough to dispatch them. Black bears can be pretty resilient to being shot. I took one back in my home state of New York with a .30-06 and one in Manitoba with a .416 Weatherby. I could easily have taken both with a .308 Winchester.

    So to your question, why do I use them? Because they are Weatherby's. Simple as that. Admittedly for a Kodiak or Brown bear I would use one of my heavy calibers. The only Weatherby I own that I can truly swear to as having an advantage is my .25-300 which is a wildcat round based on the full length .300 Weatherby casing as opposed to the truncated .300 Weatherby casing for the .257 Weatherby. That rifle is a laser that will take antelope at incredible yardages with no hold over.

    Weatherby's are legendary and that is why I own them and use them.

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    Default Re: 300 weatherby magnum, Help please!

    The 300 wby is a great magnum that most people can handle. Once you get over 30 caliber, you move up in bullet weight to 225, 250, 300+

    So at 30 caliber, you can hunt 150-220. You can feel the difference in recoiled between 150 and 220.

    The 300 wby can launch 180s in the 3200 range, maybe faster with well made handloads.

    So you get the maximum range you can launch a 308 caliber bullet.

    The outfitter I used in Canada for a black bear hunt, he wanted a minimum 8mm (325 caliber). Hes had too many guys wound big bears in the thick stuff. So I bought a 45/70 for the trip. Great choice. It worked.

    The perfect rifle is situational and personal preference.

    Dont overthink it. Get it, enjoy it. Be prepared to get something else someday too.

    I still want a 340,,,Ill probably get is someday.

    With the heavier bullets you get even more range.

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    Default Re: 300 weatherby magnum, Help please!

    I would still have my Weatherby Vanguard in .300 Weatherby if I hadn't gone through a divorce. It had a synthetic stock, but it was exactly like my buddies stock on his MK V..
    It was a Weatherby Monte Carlo, and I could actually shoot a whole box of 180 gr ammo through it and not feel beat up. Now, I had a Ruger M77 in .300 Win Mag before that, and it ate me alive. It had excessive heel drop, and I could only shoot about a magazine full, and I was done.
    Right now, I have a Browning A Bolt II in .300 Win Mag, and a Winchester M70 Ultimate Shadow in .300 WSM. Both are American style stocks, but the heel drop is minimal, and they have wide butts.
    The Browning also sports a 26 inch barrel, and comes within spitting distance of the .300 Weatherby Mag.
    I haven't thought much about putting a muzzle brake on it. And when in the field I haven't noticed the muzzle blast when I've had a big game animal in my sights.
    I've used the .300's because of the way they hit hard at longer distance.

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    Default Re: 300 weatherby magnum, Help please!

    You won't lose more than 100 fps by going with a 24" barrel. Typical velocity change is around 35-40 fps per inch so the difference is not that significant unless you're trying to squeeze maximum velocity out of it. You may occasionally notice that extra 2" when walking underneath some pine boughs. I think you'll be happy with either length barrel since the differences are minor. If you do much still hunting and sneaking through trees then the shorter gun might be nice.

    Having a brake is nice for working up loads and practicing. For hunting you won't really need one. I would advise getting a rifle with a removable brake so you can have options. Bullets 180 grains or lighter won't kick you as hard as the 200-230s. I shoot a 10 lb 300 Win Mag regularly and it boots me pretty good with the 208 ELDMs. I don't like shooting more than 10-12 rounds through it. I've also shot 168s through this gun and they are not bad at all. My deer gun is a 270 WSM with a removable brake. I can shoot it all day with very little recoil to get my loads worked up, figure out my drops, or just have fun, and then when I go hunting I can remove the brake. All it takes is a few shots to zero the scope since POI is different without the brake.

    Whatever you decide I'm sure you'll be happy with the 300 Wby. I'd probably own one myself if someone hadn't donated the Win Mag to my cause.

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