• .340 Weatherby

    Introduced in 1963, the .340 Weatherby was designed as a
    response to the .338 Winchester Mag. However, Roy took
    advantage of the longer case to pack in more powder for greater
    velocity. And, it shoots heavier .338 bullets at higher velocities as
    well—a decidedly powerful combination. Ideally suited for animals
    the size of elk or larger, the .340 can also be used by deer hunters
    with lighter bullet weights.
    Weatherby MK V
    Mention the word “Weatherby” to the average hunter and chances are he’ll conjure up images of the Mark V - it’s the
    quintessential Weatherby and perhaps the most widely recognized rifle in the world. From the beautiful, hand-selected
    American walnut stock, to the critically-acclaimed Mark V action, this is ample evidence that form and function can
    coexist to deliver superior performance.
    An Monte Carlo stock, traditional rosewood forend tip and pistol grip cap with maplewood spacers and
    diamond inlay. Fineline diamond point checkering provides an additional custom touch.
    An uncompromising rifle that remains unequaled in the field.
    Magazine Capacity: 3+1 in chamber.All rifles are drilled and tapped for scope.
    Nine locking lugs which are the same diameter as the bolt body itself. Compared to a two-lug design,
    the nine-lug Mark V action ia exceptionally smooth, non-binding, and superior in terms of
    overall strength and structural integrity. The nine-lug design also delivered a 54-degree bolt lift,
    which allowed for faster chambering on follow-up shots and a greater bolt-to-scope clearance
    for fewer battered knuckles. Three gas relief holes in bolt . Today, the Mark V action is billed as
    “the world’s strongest bolt action,” and continues to be the cornerstone of all Weatherby rifles.
    As you would guess, Weatherby still makes a lot of very fine rifles chambered in .340 Wby. Mag.
    Weatherby Rifles:
    340 Weatherby Magnum is available in
    Mark V Accumark, Stainless, Synthetic, Deluxe, Euromark,
    Lazermark, Sporter, Eurosport, SLS, Safari Grade, Crown Custom
    and Custom.