• Hunting i Scandinavian

    I was going to write about what and how to hunt in Scandinavian, but the Nordic Hunters' Cooperation have done a lot off the work for me

    they are:
    • Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management
    • The National Association of Huntsmen (Sweden)
    • Danish Hunters' Association
    • The Icelandic Hunting and Shooting Association Hunters' Central Organization (Finland)
    • Finnish Hunters' Association The Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers
    • Aaland Islands' Hunting Associations (special affiliation)

    How to get Hunting permits

    Games for rifles in the Nordic counties

    moose ( not in Denmark)
    red deer
    Fallow deer
    Roe deer
    European caribou
    Musk ox (only Greenland)
    Bear ( Sweden and Finland)
    Wolves (not Denmark)
    Wild boar
    Eurasian lynx (not Denmark)
    white tail (only Finland)

    please add comment if i have misses something