• My hunting trip to Sweden

    I will try to make a story about how my hunting trip to Sweden went.

    I live i Denmark (capital Copenhagen, Tivoli, H.C Andersen) 20km from Copenhagen.

    Due that we don't have wild boar, moose, bear in our country many Danes travel to our neighbor’s Sweden
    drove from my home to Helsingør and went on the ferry the 5 km to Sweden, and I had very nice view to the castle Kornberg (you now Hamlet , William Shakespeare).

    And when I came to Sweden I drove about 190 km to a little city Grimlöv (30km south of Veksjö), where I have rented a little cabin.

    I have packed my things out and have something to eat and some coffee.

    At 1815 came my Swedish hunting friends and we drove to the little hunting cabin 1,2*1,2 meter, close to a place when we feed roe dear, wild boar, ect.

    I only have a picture from last summer,so you can see how it looks. But now there was 10cm of snow an about -14 degrees Celsius.

    I was waiting until about 22.15 then came 3 wild boar out of the forest and start eat bread. 2 stand with their behind to me and the 3 one stand with the side to me, Big mistake.

    I had 3 rifles out of the gun safe thinking about what to take with me, the .300, .378. and the 460. But the choice was the .378wby. And thebullet was a 380 grains Rhino. I made a perfect shoot at 30 meters and the wild boar dead on the spot.

    About one hour later my friend came with the car and we drove to a little slaughterhouse 10km from the hunt, and did the “hard” work

    The next day was one of these day where nothing happend, but there was always a little thinking back on the day before

    Sunday I pack my car and drove south to Malmö and went over the bridge from Sweden to Denmark (16 km long combined bridge and tunnel between Malmo and Copenhagen)

    It is a very beautiful drive and the trip takes 2½ hours and Iit is about 220km.

    So this is how I spent my weekend, how did you hunting go?,
    you are welcome to make a huntingreport about hunting I your country J
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    1. JB257460's Avatar
      JB257460 -
      You live in beautiful country, Skipper, and congratulations on a successful hunt! No Boar can withstand the punishment of a .378! Yes, the long trip home after a hunt is always a good time to think about the events of the hunt. That boar and the deer will be very tender and good to eat.
    1. mark81253's Avatar
      mark81253 -
      Very nice Skipper. Congrats on a successful hunt. That .378 must have really jarred that hog!!! Beautiful pictures.
    1. skipper's Avatar
      skipper -
      the 380 grains rhino bullet made a 1" inch intry hole and 1 1/4" inch exithole, and almost no meat damage around the hole,
    1. Heat's Avatar
      Heat -
      Congratulations skipper! Not much question that the 378 was plenty of gun. It's been more then 4 decades since I last saw that landscape. I've almost forgotten how beautiful it is. Thanks for sharing.

    1. 340 Weatherby's Avatar
      340 Weatherby -
      Nice hunt!
      The pig got a nice hole in the shoulder.
      What's the MV on that bullet...
    1. skipper's Avatar
      skipper -
      I hit the pig behind the front legs, so i only hit the ribs, The rhino 380 grains has 102 grains Norma MRP behind and came with a weatherby "walk speed" at 765m/s (2510ft/s)
    1. Ty Linger's Avatar
      Ty Linger -
      Well done Skipper. What was the meat processed into - sausage, bacon? And they certainly weren't lacking for bread crumbs it looks like.
    1. Broz's Avatar
      Broz -
      Nice job Skipper and I really enjoyed the pics.

    1. robert6715's Avatar
      robert6715 -
      Looks like plenty of bacon,and chops in your future,job well done.It warms my heart to see that folks in other countries can still enjoy the personal freedom of hunting that so many Americans take for granted.
    1. 340 Weatherby's Avatar
      340 Weatherby -
      I have seen game shot with 270grs Hornady Spirepoint.
      Then, you could just poke a stick through the holes and carry the pig...
    1. JohnnieB's Avatar
      JohnnieB -
      Congrats on the piggy! I have found them to be one of the most enjoyable species to chase after. Nearly always frustrating, sometimes very rewarding, and always a great time. I too have used my 378 a few times as back-up when junior or novice hunters were behind the trigger. I'll echo the comments above as I have more than once shot completely through a boar...back to front in those cases!
    1. skipper's Avatar
      skipper -
      there was 28kg meat into the freezer :-)
    1. ohdot's Avatar
      ohdot -

      Congrats on a great hunt! and thanks for sharing the pics that was really interesting.
    1. WyoHunter's Avatar
      WyoHunter -
      Nice report! Thanks for sharing.
    1. Magnumdood's Avatar
      Magnumdood -
      Way to go Skipper! Beautiful country to hunt in or just enjoy the ambiance.
    1. Recamundo's Avatar
      Recamundo -
      Quote Originally Posted by skipper View Post
      the 380 grains rhino bullet made a 1" inch intry hole and 1 1/4" inch exithole, and almost no meat damage around the hole,
      Skipper: is that an adult pig? How much did it weigh, it looks like a baby, about the size of a Texas Peccary - not sure why you elected a .378 for this hunt!
    1. dråparn's Avatar
      dråparn -
      Recamundo : The 378 is a exellent piggrifle, wby:s are god for any hunt My favorite rifle for beaver is my 460 I sighted it with a zeiss 3-12x50 duralut. And offcourse 500gr Hornady 802 m/s.