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    Range estimation is a critical step in the long range hunting or shooting process. On a shooting range it’s a no brainer. The targets are generally set at known distances, but what about the hunting environment. Very rarely does the hunter get the opportunity to engage a target at a known distance. Toss in uneven terrain and difficult light conditions and the chance of determining the range to the target by eye becomes very sketchy at best especially at extended ranges.

    So let’s look at several methods of range estimation that can get us closer than just a wild guess.

    100 Yard unit-of-measure
    Halving method
    Range Card
    Laser Range Finder
    Combination Method

    100 Yard unit-of-measure

    Must visualize 100 yards on the ground
    Accurate to 500 yards
    Requires constant practice


    Determine range by the size and characteristics of an object
    Depends on visibility
    Requires constant practice

    200y--Clear in all detail, i.e. color of skin/hide/horns etc.
    300y--Clear body outline, ...
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    “But Nate” you say “that entire math thing, carrying a calculator? All that seems like a lot of extra fuss and work, I shoot good enough and if I can’t laser it I’ll just go home.”
    O.K. smarty pants, what if your new buddy Nate had some tips to make this whole “longrange hunty shooty thingy” a little easier?
    First off let’s look at the math. What if you could carry a cheat sheet that had all of the mil readings and common big game animal dimensions already figured out ...
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    This article was contributed by the Weatherby Forum member RS2G, and is the first of a 3-part series on Long Range Shooting:

    Matt’s legs burned as he pushed to move at a pace they were not accustomed to. The last four days ...
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