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Thread: Weatherby-love-bite

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    I have never been bitten by a scope and dont intend to in the future. I am a big bore shooter and when it comes to scope choice, I wont settle for anything less than 4.25 inches of eye relief. I have had my thumb ripped open by the tang saftey on an old ruger M77 458 win mag but that is the only gun injury I can thank of (I cant remember due to jarring of the head when the trigger is pulled on these big bores)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big bore lover View Post
    I have never been bitten by a scope and dont intend to in the future. I am a big bore shooter and when it comes to scope choice, I wont settle for anything less than 4.25 inches of eye relief.
    I, too, like the big bores and appreciate long eye relief. What scopes do you use that have a consistent 4.25" of eye relief? There doesn't seem to be any/many out there?
    All Weatherby, All the Time

    .257 Wby Mark V Oil Lasermark - Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44
    .270 Wby Mark V Stainless Fluted McMillan - Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10x44
    .300 Wby Mark V Stainless McMillan - Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40
    .338 WM Rem. 700 XCR McMillan - Schmidt & Bender 3-12x42
    .340 Wby Mark V Oil Deluxe - Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40
    .375 H&H Mauser M03 - VXIII 1.75-6x32
    .416 Wby Mark V Deluxe - VXIII 1.75-6x32 HD


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    l had a light touch up from my 243 with a 8x56 kahles on it. Not because it is a bad set up. Just a real out of position shot. l didn't even have the butt on the shoulder when l squeezed the trigger. But l had a dingo in the sights and was not going to let him walk away. The results are in the hunting reports This was the first touch up in over 30 years.

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    Like the farmer said to the goat herder....."A good goat will do that!"
    It will heal and you will have a story to tell.

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    I use luepold fixed power scopes on all big bore's and they have never left a tatoo behind or failed in 25 years ( lucky i guess, not one ). My favorite is the

    FX-3 6x42mm lueplod
    Length (A) 13.2 in
    Tube Length (B) 5.4 in
    (C) 2.0 in
    (D) 2.2 in
    Eyepiece Length (E) 2.5 in
    Objective Length (F) 4.0 in
    Objective Diameter (G) 1.9 in
    Eyepiece Diameter (H) 1.6 in
    Tube Diameter (I) 1.0 in

    Actual Magnification 6.0
    FOV @ 100 yds (ft) 17.3
    FOV @ 100 m (m) 5.8
    Eye Relief (in) 4.4
    Eye Relief (mm) 113
    Obj. Clear Aperture 1.7 in /42 mm
    Weight 13.6 oz / 386 g
    Elevation Adj. Range (MOA) 55
    Windage Adj. Range (MOA) 55

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    i once had a vanguard in 1989 brannew with a really nice wood stock on it
    i put a tasco 3-9 on it and without a doubt i got belted in my face brpke my glasses gouged my nose my eyes swelled and i had a weatherby mag headach from hell i really shouldnt say weatherby mag because it was a 300 win mag at the time that was the biggest you could get in a vanguard. but it was a almost forever lingering migrain and bled like it was not going to quit

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    Yep, my first hard lesson in "Don't touch the trigger untill your ready to fire". I was 16 and I was about to shoot my Pop's .300 Weatherby. Didn't have it quite up to my shoulder and "POW!" right between the eyes literally....ouch! You can't see the scar today though, a serious car crash in my early 20's gave me many new scars so its lost in the jumble so to speak. LOL

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    I had my first and only bite when I shot my first deer when I was 14. It was a 300 Wby. I just got too close to the scope. It also had a Weatherby Premier scope on it, but the rubber ring had fallen off. Ah memories......

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    I think it was the third time out with my .300 mag. About 15th shot. I was shooting at a bench and the rifle slipped under my armpit and the scope smashed me in the bridge of the nose. I thought it was broken. I didn't feel anything crunchy so I kept shooting. I now have a really cool scar.

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