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Thread: USA Members

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    Whar state are you from,
    Not all have put it in there profile

    Just fill this out and it would be more easy to find hunting friends and maybe meet in real life

    I use there regions


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    Although I grew up in the Great Lakes state of Illinois, I now reside in Southeast Pennsylvania. I still call Illinois "home".
    All Weatherby, All the Time

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    .416 Wby Mark V Deluxe - VXIII 1.75-6x32 HD


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    Native Montanan
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    Sandhills of Nebraska where I was raised

    currently living in Montana but I move around alittle!

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    born payson utah good place to be from now in cody wyoming and love it
    slow is smooth smooth is fast (shooter)

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    elkriver minn

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    born mpls minnesota live in elkriver minnesota

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    BigHorn Mountains, Wy.

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    Born in the sesspool of Southeastern Pennsylvania, now residing in Buffalo, Wyoming.
    ULW .240WBY

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    Born in Tallahassee, FL.

    Currently live in Huntsville, AL.

    Willing to relocate for the right opportunity!
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    Texas is Home, I reside in Carbondale, Illinois for now.
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    Cool Re: USA Members

    Born in Marshfield Oregon and now reside in North Bend Oregon 7miles from the birth place. I have webbed feet also...Pat
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    Marlin Thumbhole 17VSB
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