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Thread: Congrat's JB & Dubyam

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    Default Congrat's JB & Dubyam

    Happy Birthday JB!

    And Congrat's to you and Dubyam too on Moderating!

    You've earned respect from more than quite a few here!

    Best, Steven
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    Default Re: Congrat's JB & Dubyam

    Thank you, Steven! I took off Friday from work and it's been a very nice birthday weekend so far spent with my wife, family, and friends. There've been a couple of Weatherby's I was pretty close to pressing the "Buy Now" button on . I let a nice one slip away yesterday because I forgot about the ending time for the auction. However, there's always today!
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    Talking Re: Congrat's JB & Dubyam

    Jerry- Happy Birthday!!!! And I second the congrats to you and Whitson on becoming moderators. I couldn't have picked a better and more deserving pair for this honor.

    Have a great day.

    God Bless
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    Default Re: Congrat's JB & Dubyam

    and a big congratulation from me too

    and thanks for helping
    hope you found the buy buttom, :-)


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    Default Re: Congrat's JB & Dubyam

    Happy Birthday, Jerry! (Albeit a little late...) I, too, hope you found the buy button. Thanks for the kind words, from my side. I'm just happy to have a chance to help out and give back a bit.
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    Default Re: Congrat's JB & Dubyam

    Happy bday Jerry!

    Congrats to you and Dubyam and also 340 weatherby on the new titles.

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    Default Re: Congrat's JB & Dubyam

    Ahhhh nuts....better late than never...Happy Birthday and welcome to the moderator family boys.
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