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    I'm really interested in the 375 Weatherby. Anyone own one and use it in the field? How does it perform (on game)? And, how's the recoil compared to the 378?

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    Allmost the same sweet recoil i guess

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    I have never owned one, but I guess it would be a lot less in recoil than the 378.
    But as Dråparn says it will be a heavy recoiling rifle.
    Comparing max loads, you are using 20grs less of powder.
    Velocity wise, it's quite close to the 378 if you roll your own ammo.
    The effect on game would be like the 375H&H on steroids!
    (I belive it's one of Roy's best designs.)
    Well, a lot of beliving so I really need to get one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WeatherbyFanatic View Post
    I'm really interested in the 375 Weatherby. Anyone own one and use it in the field? How does it perform (on game)? And, how's the recoil compared to the 378?
    I've shot a few rounds through one of these and the recoil is manageable as far as I am concerned.
    Now as far as that 378 Wby BRUTE is concerned.
    I have also shot one of these but have shot only 2 rounds out of one of these.
    Reason is that it had no muzzle brake and I would rate it as the worst rifle I have ever shot.
    Well bejeezus after only 2 rounds and my shoulder was crying out for "NO MORE."
    Took me a few years to get rid of my flinch
    My friend has a 375 Wby for sale in excellent condition; if you are interested in buying one give me a PM.
    That is the one I shot and it is more powerful than the 375H&H and recoil is not all that bad for a big calibre rifle compared to the 378 Wby Bruiser.
    There's no such thing as a short it right the first time.

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    I have a 378 and have shot the 375 Wby. I've also had a 375 H&H in a Mark V.

    Here are my thoughts. The H&H is quite manageable, in my opinion its recoil is indistinguishable with a 340 Wby. I would rate the 375 Wby as slightly more forceful in recoil over the 375 H&H, having shot both side by side, one mine, one borrowed. If you can handle the H&H, the Wby would be no problem, just practice and get your shoulder accustomed to the kick.

    Lastly, I would rate the 378 in a whole different class than the 2 375's. Unbraked, it feels like a whole 50% more recoil than either of the 375's.

    Just my thoughts.

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    Default Re: 375 Weatherby Advice

    Chuck Hawks has a recoil table on the web Just google Chuck Hawks Rifle recoil table. I tried to post myself but couldn't. He rates the 340WBY, 375WBY and the 375 H&H about the same depending on bullet size. The 378 WBY is nearly twice as much surprisingly enough the 460 WBY has more recoil energy than it according to the table.

    I don't think I want to shoot either the 378 or the 460WBY that 340WBY has very managable recoil even for those of us who weigh less than 200 pounds. I notice he doesn't have a 12 guage with 3.5 inch turkey loads I think my 870 has more recoil than the 340WBY but it doesn't that great weatherby drop at comb

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    If you want to interpolate the different calibers, check my calculator.
    You can find it here:

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    Thanks for your replies guys. I own both a 340 Wea. and 375 H&H. Both are very comfortable to shoot. I want another big bore rifle and for a while contemplated getting a 416 or 460 Wea. I have no problem shooting or hunting with a muzzle brake. However, in some countries the use of muzzle brakes is prohibited, and some outfitters won't allow them because of the muzzle blast. I've shot the 375 H&H in the field and at the bench and it performs very well and is very easy to shoot, for me at least. I think I can shoot both the 416 and 460, I just don't know how accurately. This is extremely important in the field, especially when after dangerous game. Also, I think if one can effectively manage the recoil of the rifle they're shooting, reloading and follow up shot are faster and easier. Thus far, everything I've read or heard regarding the 375 Weatherby is that it's a fantatic will likely be my next choice.

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    Another important factor is that the 375Wby is quite close to the 378Wby in velocity.
    Using a 300grs bullet you can get 2750-2800fps.
    Check Norma's reloading data:

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