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Thread: Spuhr mounts

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    Default Spuhr mounts

    Does anyone have any experience with these mounts?
    Looks like a well built set up and I like the built in bubble level. Don't like the cost though.

    If you got one would you get a rail with 20 MOA cant and the 0 MOA mount or would you get a 0 MOA rail and a mount with a 20 MOA cant?

    Application would be a .300wby for long range recreation shooting 1000yds and beyond.



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    Default Re: Spuhr mounts

    My personal preference would be to use a 20MOA Seekins rail with Seekins rings mounting the scope as low as possible.
    Like you I considered the Spuhr mounts but went away from them mainly due to their excessive price and lack of flexibility.
    With the Spuhr rings the separation between rings is fixed and everything else is all interconnected even the bubble level and therefore there is NO flexibility.
    You may want to assess other options mainly for flexibility and options.
    There are bigger and better bubbles out there to consider such as the flip over offset ones which I prefer.
    An independent rail and rings combo allows you to adjust the spacings to suit the scope.
    I prefer to have my scope rings set as far apart as possible for best support and stability.
    Hope this helps

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