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Thread: My new rifle!

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    Hi, finally I got the finger out and got my a new rifle. This one is a SAUER 200 STR (standard taget rifle) in 6.5x55. It's a fullblood target rifle for match shooting.
    I tested it last week, and it's low recoiling and nice to shoot. Sems to group good as well. But, due to strong wind and low light, more testing will be done later.

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    Good for you it looks like a fun rifle to shoot!!!!!
    It's all about the Hunt!!!!!
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    Yepp, and since it's a SAUER I can replace barrels by myself.
    The plan is a 9.3x62 barrel a GRS stock a picatinny rail and a scope. Will make a great moose rig...

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    Got me a 20MOA Picatinny rail today. Leupold 30mm rings and a RCBS die set in 9.3x62.
    Hopefully I will get a GRS stock next week.
    Just missing a barrel...

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    Rail mounted. Rings and a S&B 3-12x42 is mounted as well.
    Will do some accuracy testing in the 6.5x55 barrel if the weather gets better.
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    Very nice rifle in an accurate caliber 340!

    You'll have to post some pics of your "one hole" targets!

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    Will do, just got me a torque wrench to get the bolts adjusted. But this weekend is stormy and still just 1h or so with good shooting light.
    In a month or so it will be a lot more daylight so I can do some testing.

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