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Thread: Install QuickLOAD without a CD Drive

  1. Default Install QuickLOAD without a CD Drive

    Hi, today most laptops have no CD Drive. So installing QuickLOAD is impossible on your new shiny laptop.
    Since the developer have blocked the installer from working on a HDD. (prevent piracy)
    But, there is a way of doing it:
    First, you need to convert the whole QuickLOAD cd to a ISO file. There are several good softwares around doing it for you.
    One tool is: PowerISO
    It will create a ISO file of the CD. (you need to do this on a pc with a CD drive)
    Now, copy the ISO file to a USB stick. Install Poweriso on your new pc.
    Aktivate a virtual CD drive, (PowerISO - ISO Mounter) and choose your ISO file.
    Now QuickLOAD will be installed on your new pc.

    The update cd's I have tried has not this CD check on the installer. So, it's just to copy the CD to a usb stick and install.
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