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Thread: Classic MK V 340 wby!

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    Default Classic MK V 340 wby!

    I wind up trading into 2 340's this one and a Weathermark. I am keeping the weather mark as this one is too pretty to hunt with in bad weather.
    Anyway, this is a Japanese model with a premier 3x9x40mm scope with TV view I guess. This scope is mounted using their top of the line Bueller bases and rings. 26" barrel

    The stock is in my opinion just gorgeous with a great figure. It does have a couple of nicks/scratches on it from honest hunting use. I have no idea what she shoots like because I have not shot it. I was told round count is less than 3 or 4 boxes from the original owner. Looks much nicer in person than in pictures

    Asking 1230 shipped


    Payments ok
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    Wow, that's for sure a great rifle!

    RUM = Poor Man's Weatherby!

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