Last night at league shoot a guy that I don't know came along asking for help with his new gun, so I took a look at it and was surprised to see that it was a Beretta 686 clone in Weatherby markings! I've had lots of 68x series guns over the years so I recognized the action right away but I've never seen one of these Orion's up close and didn't realize that it wasn't a Fausti o/u. I have an SA-08 which is a Turkish made Beretta semi auto clone and it's my dedicated Goose blind gun so it doesn't have a high round count through it but it has worked flawlessly so far.
At any rate, the top lever wasn't returning to center to lock the action when it was closed, you could push the thumb lever over and lock it manually but it wouldn't spring back by itself like it's supposed to do. There was spring tension on the lever so I don't think the spring was broken and I suspect that there were maybe some rough surfaces inside that just needed to be cleaned up so it would work properly. I hope that this isn't indicative of the QC that is going into these Turkish clones because they aren't doing Wby any favors with this kind of shoddy workmanship.