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Thread: Is this a Weatherby Europa?

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    Default Is this a Weatherby Europa?


    I picked this up thinking it was a Mark V Deluxe that someone had refinished with an oil finish.

    Was looking up serial numbers the other day online and read about a Europa Model that had serial numbers that were within my range.

    Curious as to whether my particular variety is a Deluxe or this Europa model:

    - Oil based finish
    - Serial number H1152XX
    - Looks to have that Canjar Trigger
    - Does not look to have had iron sights.

    Thoughts on comments??

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    Default Re: Is this a Weatherby Europa?

    Methinks it's a Klingon Disrupter.
    I recognize it from when I was abducted.

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    Hi, I'm not sure on this one. All Europa's I have seem was with Lyman open sights. But, I have only seen a few so there could be they was delivered without sights as well. The Canjar Set trigger lends me toward the Europa. If it was a Deluxe there can be trails of the old finish on the checkering and inside the stock as well.

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    Default Re: Is this a Weatherby Europa?

    I notice it has very dark grip cap and forend tip, with no white line spacers. If those are ebony, you may have a Euromark. It certainly looks at first glance like one.
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    Hmm, I think it's the small pic's with low resolution that is tricking us. There is white line spacers, but hard to see. BTW, the EuroMark has no white line spacer at the recoil pad. Also the checkering on the EuroMark is going further back on the pistol grip panels.
    So, what we need is better pics.

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