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Thread: How to reach Weatherby?

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    Default How to reach Weatherby?

    Good morning. I'm hoping somebody on here either knows the answer to my question or has a quicker way of getting a response from Weatherby. I've already got a stock ordered from McMillan so I'm hoping this isn't to late but I was discussing taking a little more weight off my Mark V with my gunsmith and he suggested swapping out the bottom metal for a setup from one of Weatherby's ultralight models. Is this possible and how do I go about ordering this piece? I've tried email and leaving a message over the phone but haven't had any response. Maybe it's cuz I'm in Canada??? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: How to reach Weatherby?

    I have an Accumark & an Ultralight. The weight difference between the two bottom metals is minimal.

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    Default Re: How to reach Weatherby?

    I think they are the same piece, which makes it even less useful to buy a new one.

    FYI, they are in the process of moving from California to Wyoming right now, and I would not expect much response from them.

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