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Thread: 6.5x284 custom 9 lug

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    Default 6.5x284 custom 9 lug

    So, for my first post(hope its not against the rules) i would like to sell my mk V

    Chambered in 6.5x284 with load data, 300 rounds fired
    Factory 30-06 9 lug, fluted bolt, receiver snd shroud by a gunsmith, carbon fiber bolt knob
    Proof research carbon fiber 1:8 twist 27” barrel with custom timed brake
    Timney trigger
    Mcmillan a5 stock, hydrodipped atacs-fg with pic rail and qd flush cups
    20moa rail
    LRP bottom metal that was lightened, black oxided and 3 total mags
    6.5x284 die sets(2), one redding bushing dies, one redding deluxe, 100 pieces of lapua 3x fired brass

    Gun was built with trying to be the lightest 9 lug weatherby around without sacrificing accuracy, functionality or velocity. It could be prs’d or hunted with. I have loads that were 3050~fps and 3150 fps with berger140 hybrids. Took an elk with it 2 years ago and have not shot it since.

    I have a listing at snipershide with pics, if i can figure out how to post them here, i will if i figure it out.

    I am in Arizona, willing to ship to an ffl out of state, only trades i can think of currently is a vortex amg mil/mil plus cash on your end. $3,000 obo
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