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Thread: CarbonMark Barrel fails dollar bill test

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    Default CarbonMark Barrel fails dollar bill test

    Just bought a CarbonMark and the Barrel is in contact with the stock the entire way. I cant slide a piece of paper or dollar bill in between the barrel and stock. Is this normal? The customer service rep said their catalogue showed that it is supposed to be free floated, but wasn't really sure if it was a problem. Anyone know if I should be concerned?

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    Hi, some of the Weatherby rifles has a pressure point in the front of the barrel channel. This is often removed by users trying to get the most of their rifles. I have seen this increase accuracy, and sometimes destroy it as well.
    But, back to your rifle, if Weatherby confirms it should be free floated you should return the rifle and get it fixed. If it's in contact all the way I suspect it will not shoot well.

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