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    Default Weatherby Centurion

    I have the opportunity to purchase a Weatherby Centurion...not sure if it is the I or II at this point. It is however in excellent condition from what I can see from the photos and being sold for $475 Cdn.
    I am awaiting more information from the seller as I sent him a list of questions.
    Does anyone here own one and can shed some light on this auto loader for me....or suggest any more questions that I might want to ask.
    These are what I have sent him to be answered so far:

    -Is it the Centurion I or II. Has it had any trouble ejecting shells from light loads and will it accommodate 3" or just 2 3/4 inch shells?

    -Have you had this shotgun since new? What has it been primarily been used for...skeet, trap, sporting clays, hunting? Do you know how many rounds have gone through it? Any steel shot through it or just lead? How old is the gun?

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    Default Re: Weatherby Centurion

    I don't own one but I had a good friend who hunted with one when I was in's what I remember of the gun:

    The gun was made in Japan (SKB?) with an Aluminum receiver and the Centurion II, which is what he had, had a 3" chamber. I remember that because I asked him as we sat in the cornfield waiting for an evening flight of geese. I had my dad's Remington model 11 Sportman. The Centurion II will have that name stamped into the left side of the receiver. Those guns also had problems with the action bar slide assembly breaking especially with the heavier loads because of the quality of the stamping and also because there was no recoil buffer in the mechanism. I'd be leary of that gun only because if it does break, you may not be able to get parts for it. He ended up selling the gun for a Beretta 301.
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