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Thread: Accubrake and Recoil Pads

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    Default Accubrake and Recoil Pads

    Hello, gents! I am a new to the forum and weatherby rifles. I recently purchased a Mark V Accumark in .300 Wby that will be equipped with Near mount and rings (big thanks to members of this forum for the recommendation) and a Swaro PH 3-12x50mm scope. The Accumark will be my designated elk, moose, and caribou slayer.

    I am unsure whether I need to equip the rifle with the Accubrake. I have shot primarily .30-06 and .308 calibers for most of my life while at the range and during hunts. I understand that the .300 Wby produces more recoil given equal weight of the rifles than my .30-06 and .308 by the laws of physics.

    I have read the Accubrake is very effective at reducing recoil, but the noise is very loud and can be damaging to the ears over a prolonged period of time of shooting even with hearing protection. Are there any makes/models of recoil pads that fit the Accumark that are somewhat effective (10-20% reduction) at reducing recoil to make the rifle more comfortable to shoot without the deafening noise of the Accubrake?
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    Default Re: Accubrake and Recoil Pads

    Save your money. The 300 Weatherby in an Accumark does not generate heavy recoil. That said, I believe the Accubrakes have a place at some point and are indeed loud, but in my experience all magnum rifles are loud.

    As for damaging one's hearing while wearing hearing protection I have my doubts but would think that would also depend upon the quality of the hearing protection.

    I find the Decellerator pad supplied by B&C on the Accumark stock to be excellent.

    Good luck with your new rifle!
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    Default Re: Accubrake and Recoil Pads

    Good hearing protection works just fine with the accubrake. I use the accubrake when I am developing loads, and just practicing. However, I hunt without it.

    I'm not typically recoil shy, so the recoil of the Weatherby cartridges doesn't seem to bother me except during extended shooting sessions.

    The Accumark is a heavy rifle and in 300wby, it's easy to shoot and enjoy. I almost wish I had kept mine.

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    Default Re: Accubrake and Recoil Pads

    I have the Accubrake on everything from the .300 to the .460 and they are extremely effective in recoil reduction. I also use a Past Recoil Pad when shooting from the bench. Plus I guess I am just getting used to being beat up!! I use basic foam ear plugs and they work just fine for me. The whole combination makes for a pleasurable shooting day.

    When it comes to a hunting situation I never feel the recoil anyway and have never been bothered by noise levels. Must be the thrill of the moment.

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    Default Re: Accubrake and Recoil Pads

    Welcome aboard DCAT.

    I would almost bet the 300 in an Accumark is just fine as far as recoil is concerned. The Decelerator pad that they put on them is a very good pad and lightens the recoil. I've shot my 338-378 with and without the brake. The concussion sound changes without the brake but it is still loud. I use electronic muffs in the field and a pair of regular muffs at the range with a rating of 30db and my hearing hasn't gotten any worse then it already was.

    Give it a few shots before you make up your mind whether to put an Accubrake on it. Keep back from the scope on the first shot or two so you have an idea of how much recoil there is. Once you've gotten an idea of the gun movement you will find yourself quite comfortable squeezing the trigger in short order.

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    Default Re: Accubrake and Recoil Pads

    Thanks for the replies. It sounds like the recoil should be tolerable. I will shoot the gun at the range before I decide on the Accubrake.

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    Default Re: Accubrake and Recoil Pads


    Just be sure to practice with the 300 a while before you make the decision. The 300's recoil is very tolerable and after some practice, you shouldn't have any problems with it.

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    Default Re: Accubrake and Recoil Pads

    the recoil is not as bad as usually advertised, practice with it though.

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    Default Re: Accubrake and Recoil Pads

    I agree with what's been stated about the recoil of the .300 Wby. I feel that an Accubrake isn't truly needed until you get above the .340 Wby.
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    Default Re: Accubrake and Recoil Pads

    I personaly like the flexibility of having the Accubreak. When I go to the range on average I will shoot 25 or more rounds. With out the Accubreak I fatigue out after about 10 shots as my accuracy start to suffer. Plus when your ready to hunt take it off and your good to go. It just makes the rifle more versatile IMHO.

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