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  1. Updated Optics Information.

    Some information that I've learned on the first and second focal plane.

    In a fixed power scope this would be irrelevant but in variable power scopes it can be important.

    First focal plane reticles are installed in the optical path at a place forward of the ocular lense group. Second focal plane reticles are installed in the zoom mechanism of the ocular. It is said that there is essentially no point of impact change in a first focal plane scope as you change magnification. ...
  2. Optical Systems.

    I'll try to cover some of the concepts of optics as I understand them. My understanding comes from years of research for astronomy reasons. There are functional differences between astronomy and sports optics but the optical concepts are identical. I'll also try to lay this blog out in some logical manner but there's no guarantee that my logic is the same as yours .

    In this case we are talking refractor optics as compared to reflector optics. For those who are unaware ...

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